Happy Birthday Plymouth Sound!

Today’s the day that marks 40 years since the launch of Plymouth Sound. At 6am on Monday 19th May 1975 this was what listeners would have heard [click the little arrow to listen]:

On Saturday, as we celebrated the 40th anniversary, Louise Churchill MBE who has played many roles at the station over the years, including presenter, Station Director and Chairman, shared a toast and some of her own memories:

“It really seems only 5 minutes ago we were all setting out on our journey to become part of one of the most successful, talked about, local radio stations…You proved that whether it was a national emergency, a local crisis or an individual personal tragedy, you could deliver; no Twitter then, of course.


I salute you all and congratulate you for the fine work you did, whether behind the microphone or behind the scenes and I pay tribute to our founders, dear Bob Hussell and David Bassett, without whom we would not be celebrating tonight. Their vision, determination and talent formed the bedrock of our success; and it was better than working….


So, I am going to raise my glass and perhaps you would like to join me too: to Plymouth Sound, our friends, listeners, advertisers, supporting a very special group of people: you…To Plymouth Sound!”

Su Carroll, otherwise known as Mrs Head of News, wrote a wonderful article in the Western Morning News recently and was happy for me to share it with you – I think it describes the influence and importance of Plymouth Sound much better than I ever could [click on the article to see it at full size].


Happy 40th Birthday, Plymouth Sound!