Plymouth Sound Radio Launches – 19th May 1975

Finally, the day of the launch arrived and Plymouth Sound Radio went on-air at 6am on 19th May 1975 to the voice of Andrew Knight, a 9 year-old competition winner, who also presented Children’s News with Louise Churchill later in the day.

Click on the little arrow below to hear what that launch sounded like (should be compatible with all devices including iphones and ipads)

There are a few news clippings from the day in the album below and they didn’t really come across as overly enthusiastic about the new radio station in the city. Here’s what one article had to say:

Plymouth Sound, Britain’s 11th commercial radio station, went on the air at 6am today.


After nine-year-old Andrew Knight, a Plymouth schoolboy whose name was picked out of a hat, had spoken the first words the curtain went up smoothly on “Sunrise Sound.”


Colin Bower’s breakfast show was bright and informative and fairly well balanced. It carried the expected “first night” teething problems but Mr Bower completed the four-hour marathon stint without too many difficulties, writes Jonathan Dumble.


David Bassett was in the hot seat for perhaps the station’s most ambitious programme, “Phone Forum.”


The programme wasn’t particularly controversial and didn’t really emerge as a true “Action Line” but it is early days and there was more than a hint that the programme might blossom into a really useful service for the people of Plymouth.


Mr. Bassett handled the programme well and avoided the obvious pitfalls.


Plymouth Sound Launch Day

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